Thursday 15 December 2016

GUEST BLOG: Why business travellers are coming round to the idea of alternative accommodation

Can renting an apartment or villa for one’s vacation still be considered an 'alternative' solution when it is now so mainstream? Most of us would have to agree not. In the business travel sector, however, short-term rentals are still considered to be a novelty. - a short-term rental platform dedicated solely to corporate travellers - has conducted a study to find out more. According to the study*, 20% of business travellers have already used alternative accommodation for at least one trip and 42% have thought about it. 

While Brits are most likely to use short-term rentals for business travel (24%), Germans are still to catch up - 48% have never considered it. 

Satisfied customers
  • 98% of travellers who have already stayed in this type of accommodation were satisfied
  • 88% think renting an apartment makes their stay more enjoyable 
  • 90% say it's good for bleisure, enabling them to mix professional and personal travel

Short-term rentals are often presented as an economical solution first and foremost, but they have other benefits for business travellers, the most popular being peacefulness and privacy (50%), comfort (46%), and price (44%).

What travellers want 

The number one companion for business travellers, Wi-Fi, is considered essential by 83%, followed by television (61%) and a desk (60%). A fully equipped kitchen, an element that differentiates apartment rentals, came in fourth place with 45%. 65% of travellers want to find parking, 44% daily cleaning and 43% a stocked refrigerator.

A hosting solution for all

When business travellers were asked who would find this type of accommodation most convenient, the top answer was ‘a solo traveller’ (37%). 28% thought renting an apartment was most suitable for lodging a group of colleagues and 19% thought it was best for business travellers accompanied by their family.

Study conducted by MRCC in June 2016 with a sample of 606 French, British, and German business travellers. Magicstay is exhibiting at the Business Travel Show, which takes place on 22-23 February 2017 at Olympia London. Register for a free buyer pass at


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