Friday 25 August 2017


In Conversation With… Michael Reigel, Comtravo

Michael is taking part in 'The great BT Summit Pitch Off: Which start-ups are disrupting business travel?' at Business Travel Summit Amsterdam, which takes place at the RAI from 25-26 September. Book your free place now at

What is the single most important piece of advice/information buyers will take away from your presentation? 
The business model of classical travel agencies will shift in the next two to three years.

What’s the biggest challenge facing buyers now and why?
For SME buyers, there is no real one-stop shop to simply buying again.

What’s the biggest opportunity they should be taking advantage of and why?
Make use of the data they have! They receive so much data form their customers which can be used more wisely to get more business but its potential is often totally underestimated.

Why is it important to have a summit dedicated to buyers in the Nordics and Benelux?
It is important to have summits like this in any country/region. Dedicating it to a certain region may help to solve typical ‘problems’ within that area. Also it is good to make contacts and get an idea how others approach their challenges. 

Why are you looking forward to BT Summit Amsterdam?
We believe we can truly contribute and share knowledge on the BT Summit.

Should buyers embrace disruptive start-ups or be wary of them?
For sure! If they don’t - they will lose out! They should at least test and be aware of the capabilities and opportunities.

What good can they bring to a travel programme?
More simplicity!

Should buyers encourage travellers to use disruptive suppliers?
Again - I think it is important not to miss the trend and therefore test and try out. 

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