Tuesday 28 January 2014

GUEST BLOG: Why being green will save your business money

The concept of electric cars is nothing new and perhaps best described as a slow starter but this is set to change and indeed is already changing.

Benefits to the pocket
As a business, the benefits to your bottom line are vital and the electric vehicle comes with many.

Let’s start with fuel costs, per mile it has been calculated to be around 1/3 to 1/4 the cost of petrol and diesel powered vehicles. A saving of approximate 9p per mile which for a business running a fleet of company cars would provide a welcome saving with the added nous of these vehicles being exempt from fuel & vehicle excise duty. Maintenance costs for traditional cars can be costly but as the electric vehicle requires no oil changes maintenance costs will also be reduced.

As well as the obvious savings on fuel and maintenance, employees and employers are exempt from company car tax from their income and National insurance contributions.
It is possible to claim 100% first year enhanced capital allowances (ECA) so the full cost of the car can be allocated against taxable profits in the year the vehicle was purchased.

Benefits to the environment

Good business is about driving efficiency and having a great image. With an electric car you can achieve both these goals just by making the decision to switch.

Although the way in which the electricity is produced to run the vehicles is still of a concern the actual exhaust emissions are zero which is an appealing benefit to both a company from an image perspective and the obvious benefits to the environment. Electric vehicles convert around 59-62% of energy from the grid in to power to the wheels compared to petrol engine vehicles which only convert around 17-21% of the energy created to power them.

The factors outlined are certainly attractive enough for businesses to consider a bold change in this direction and we will see more and more taking the plunge by showing their support for a cheaper, cleaner and more efficient transport strategy.

This article was written by Barry Cooper, Marketing Manager of Sixt rent a car (http://www.sixt.co.uk),  please visit them at the Business Travel Show on stand B917 for more information. Register now to attend - www.businesstravelshow.com 

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