Friday 30 January 2015

GUEST BLOG: What is important when considering car hire for business travellers?

As any corporate traveller knows, how you travel is critical to comfort, employee satisfaction and ultimately productivity. Businesses need to balance the cost of travel and the quality of the experience for their travellers – increasingly important as companies continue to streamline costs. Here are the most important factors to consider when hiring a car for business travellers:

Understand the value of a quality provider to you, your travellers and your organisation 
  • The vehicles employees drive whilst on company business are, to a degree, a reflection of the business 
  • Never compromise safety through choosing a low quality and corner-cutting rental option
  • Quick service, state-of-the-art systems and easy access helplines save time and minimise hassle

Look at the whole cost of the hire including extras such as sat nav, unlimited mileage terms etc
  • At first glance one rental option may look cheaper than another however the cost of extras varies significantly and may even be offered free 
  • Extras, such as sat nav, may come built into premium models and therefore do not need to be added as a chargeable extra, this can minimise the price differential between premium and economy rentals

Maximise corporate discounts and reward membership schemes
  • Most rental companies offer discounts, rewards and benefits for corporate rental and leasing 
  • Take advantage of frequent traveller membership schemes
  • Look for membership schemes that are cross-sector, for example hotel, airline and other travel industries to earn and use points more easily

Look for branch convenience with a network of branches in the locations you need, that are open at the times you need
  • Well established car rental companies are more likely to offer a good spread of branches nationally and internationally, maximising flexibility and convenience as well as enabling a single service provider internationally
  • Don’t wait, save time with extended opening times including 24 hour service options
  • Consider delivery and collection services for the ultimate in convenience and time-saving 

Consider chauffeur services and hire a driver with your car
  • Improve the traveller experience, reducing stress and enabling a more restful journey (and also potentially time to work in the car!) 
  • Reduce driver liability and risk of accident with a professional driver service

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