Friday 27 January 2017

GUEST BLOG: Going the extra mile - four reasons to revisit your ground transport services

A ground transport provider should do more than just get your passengers from A to B. Of course your provider will offer a great fleet but it needs to be more than just a car service. Your provider should be a dependable and efficient arm of your business; one that works with your business in the way you want them to.

We’ve identified four key factors to consider when reviewing your ground transport needs.

1. Safety
Your employees’ and your clients’ safety is priority number one when it comes to selecting a ground transport provider.

Look for a provider that satisfies all the safety checks, monitors driver behaviour, treats chauffeurs well with flexible shift patterns, has a strict car maintenance policy and invests in driver training and advanced driver training skills.

2. Communication
For a ground transport provider to work efficiently with your business, communication between you (the booker/client and passenger) and your provider needs to be slick and uncomplicated. Good communication can circumvent many potential issues. Do you have a dedicated account manager, ensuring your account and passengers are being managed in the way that fits with your business? This should cover everything from: which form of communication works for you, how you want to make your bookings, how you want to be invoiced, and so on.

Access to the provider’s in-vehicle tracking (usually via an app) can also provide details on where and when your passengers are travelling - a very useful management tool. This can also track driver behavior and provide you with reports on C02 emissions.

3. Cost and value proposition
Consider the cost versus efficiency ratio. How are rates determined? Is it by ‘passenger travelled miles’ or by the traditional ‘base to base’ formula?

Also consider the man hours gained by using a reliable provider – no missed flights, no late meetings, access to a range of management tools and reports at your finger tips  - such as bills and invoices by department, miles travelled, C02 reports and so on. This makes management reports on ground transport a piece of cake.

4. Technology
Your provider should be ‘very easy’ to do business with. Mobile and web apps can help bookers and passengers check, amend or cancel bookings, any time, anywhere. Vehicle tracking and driver behaviour puts you in the driving seat. Consider what tech is on offer and how it adds to the service you receive.

This post was written by Jonathan Dow, of Club Class Chauffeurs, an award-winning long distance national corporate ground transport provider with administration hubs in Sussex, London Heathrow, Gloucestershire and Leicestershire.

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