Wednesday 23 August 2017


In conversation with Barbara Mauthner, Corporate Sales Manager, conichi, ahead of her session at the Business Travel Summit Amsterdam next month. 

Tell us about your session in one sentence?
During my session I will showcase our revolutionary technology that enables guests, hotels and corporates to benefit from a personalised and seamless hotel experience.

What is the single most important piece of advice/information buyers will take away from your talk?
The hotel guest experience is outdated and does not fulfil the needs of today's customer. From pre to post stay we optimise the guest experience allowing for a personalised and mobile experience which will reduce process times for hotels and costs for corporates.

What’s the biggest challenge facing buyers now and why?
Meeting users needs while reducing processes and costs.

What’s the biggest opportunity they should be taking advantage of and why?
The ways new technology can impact the guest experience to reduce operational complexity, waiting times and costs.

Why is it important to have a summit dedicated to buyers in the Nordics and Benelux?
These locations show large amounts of corporate travelers who value time and efficiency and are among the most advanced in mobile services in Europe - thus these markets need to stay ahead of the trends in order to best cater to their customers.

What does being traveller-centric mean to you? How does it benefit buyers?
Being traveller-centric means creating an experience that is tailored around the traveller's needs: mobile, simple, effective and personalised. This benefits the buyer as it improves efficiency on the hotel side by reducing processes allowing them to focus on personal interactions with guests.  

Why are you looking forward to BT Summit Amsterdam?
I am looking forward to meeting industry leaders in order to share and discuss future trends and how we can impact the industry together.

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