Monday 23 February 2015

GUEST BLOG: How to stay safe when mobile abroad

For those responsible for the safety of travellers, travel risk management is climbing ever higher on the agenda. The recent terrorist attacks in Paris and Sydney, outbreaks of Ebola in West Africa and atypical protests in Hong Kong, bring into sharp focus the myriad of challenges employees face, even when travelling to countries that are generally considered safe. However, with the unrelenting development of technology, it is now possible to provide even more acute levels of security to employees travelling on company business.

The use of technology systems to support travel risk management has evolved enormously since the early 2000’s, which now provide a comprehensive solution to incident management and mitigation. Furthermore, the incorporation of GPS technology in mobile devices has led to a new generation of employee monitoring techniques, offering more substantial support at all stages of the risk management process, providing both traveller and corporate management with a far more responsive and interactive experience.

Mobile applications enable travel managers and corporate security departments (tasked with overseeing the safety of travelling employees) to offer an immediate and dynamic response directly to employees affected by an incident. However, it is imperative to remember that use of this technology performs only one part of a wider security strategy and that such applications are, designed for use in exceptional circumstances, at the appropriate time and in the appropriate manner. Comprehensive risk mitigation is only possible through the additional monitoring of traveller’s itineraries, whilst also maintaining an awareness of the potential risks in the host country.

This post was written by Anvil, which is exhibiting at the Business Travel Show next week. You can still register - simply visit 

ANVIL has led the field over the last ten years in delivering technology solutions and associated services that help corporations fulfil their duty of care obligations. With the introduction of intuitive technology platforms, increase in demand for mobile applications and the readiness for corporations to use newer web browsers, ANVIL has been able to develop the next generation of its traveller security application TRIS, which will be launched at the forthcoming Business Travel Show in London. 

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