Friday 6 February 2015


NDC - New Distribution Capability) has been on the news agenda for at least 18 months and we’re just months away from seeing the first airlines implementing IATA's proposed NDC standards, and yet nearly two thirds of European business travel managers still don’t feel informed enough about NDC, what it is and how it will affect them, to decide whether they are for or against it.

In response the question "Do you support NDC?" 63% of respondents to the Business Travel Show survey of 179 travel buyers (three quarters from the UK, rest from mainland Europe) said they still were not informed enough to make a decision, 17% answered "yes" and 20% "no".

Other tech questions from the survey were answered as follows:

Do you have a social media policy for travellers:
Yes – 30%
No – 62%
No, but we plan to in the next 12 months – 7%

Are you using big data to help plan and manage your travel programmes?Yes – 19%
No – 50%
No, but we plan to in the next 12 months – 17%
I don’t know – 14%

To read more about NDC and this story, please visit TNOOZ.

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