Wednesday 31 January 2018

GUEST BLOG: What to consider in an airfare consolidator

In the attempt to get competitive airfares, travel firms often make uninformed decisions and sign up with the wrong airfare consolidators. Consolidators have access to the broadest array of airfare selection. By signing up with the right airfare consolidator, travel firms will be able to provide competitive deals to their customers.

Here are some things that you as travel firms ought to consider before signing up for an airfare consolidator:

Local GDS Access
You can get access to fares from multi-country and multi-PCC/OID integrated GDSs by signing up with an airfare consolidator. This will enable you to provide your customers the best fares from across the globe. You can also get negotiated fares rather than published fares that everybody else has access to, enabling you to add your mark-ups and maximize your revenue.

Multiple Currency Payment Options
You often face the brunt of losing out on money owing to variable conversion rates. Most consolidators have currency options only in US Dollars and Euros. When you sign up with an airfare consolidator who has multi-currency payment option, you will be able to set your preferred currency for the different regions you operate in. 

A Single Source of Global Content
Consolidators have global airfare content integrated into one platform. By associating with them, you can search, book and issue tickets from anywhere to anywhere in the world. Access to a single source of global content will position you as a one-stop shop for all things airfare content.

Reputed airfare consolidators have a majority of their operations automated or are at the brink of automation. This means faster turn-around time, efficient operations and better service. By signing up with consolidators who have automation incorporated in their operations, you will be able provide 24/7 support and increased convenience to your customers.

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