Monday 8 January 2018

GUEST BLOG: Open booking, enemy or friend?

According to a study by and EPSA, 71 per cent of business travellers have already booked accommodation outside the channel imposed by their company. Open booking is therefore a common practice in companies. But why do business travellers do it? And is it necessarily a bad thing?

More interesting and varied offers

60 per cent of business travellers have already booked on the internet rather than with a travel  agency and 58 per cent prefer to book themselves. An "infidelity" reinforced by the fact that the agency offers recommended by companies are not always more attractive. Indeed, it is sometimes cheaper, more comfortable, and better located on the internet.

Open booking is first and foremost a way for travellers to use the reservation source they want, without having to go through the agencies. But in that case they must often advance the costs themselves only to get reimbursed. Thus, the quote, "we are never better served than by ourselves" makes sense for travellers seeking autonomy.

An opportunity for online platforms

69 per cent of business travellers have already found cheaper prices on the internet than through their travel agency. This practice gives new providers such as MagicStay and other alternative hosting platforms the chance to offer their solution directly to companies with adapted reporting tools.Taking advantage of a varied offer and affordable prices, business travellers can book directly on the platform, while benefiting from means of payment and reporting compatible with the travel policy!

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