Wednesday 29 January 2020

*GUEST BLOG* The research is here. Why you cannot afford to ignore business traveller wellness

There has been a lot of news and research in the last few years about the effects of frequent business travel and I am sorry to say that the majority of it is not good. At first a job that includes travel may seem glamourous and enviable, but when you look at the facts it is clear that business travellers are facing challenges to their health and wellbeing with every trip they take. As more people recognise the need for consistent healthy routines and balance for their mental and physical health, it is simply not good enough to say business travellers have to sacrifice that when travelling for work.

The business travel industry is set to grow to 1.6 trillion this year and it shows no signs of slowing down, which is no surprise as companies that invest in business travel continually see a significant return on business travel and face to face meetings. The fact is that frequent travel is good for business but bad for the travelling employee and that needs to change.

Studies show the most prevalent problems facing business travellers today are:

So, the research is here, there is no denying it. You can no longer ignore traveller wellness if you want to keep healthy, happy and productive employees in your organisation. You may be wondering how you can you help your employees to travel well? Taking some simple steps can make a huge difference.

Make wellness part of your travel policy
A corporate travel policy lists a set of guidelines for business travel. They focus on flights, accommodation, expense guidelines and security. Health and wellbeing initiatives are often forgotten. Corporate wellness programmes saw (and continue to see) a huge surge in the last few years and companies that successfully implement them are reaping the benefits. Wellness is not just for in the office, you need to take care of your travelling employees too. Include wellness initiatives in your travel policy to show your employees that their health and wellbeing are a priority and help them to create healthy routines while on the road.

Help your travelling employees plan ahead
A little planning can go a long way. Travel managers should take the time to plan trips with their travelling employees and identify and gaps in wellness. Perhaps your employee has a few hours to spare before they catch a flight that they could spend at the gym. Or perhaps knowing where the healthiest places to eat at the airport would help them stick to their healthy routines.

Invest in travel wellness programs
The best way to help your travelling employees to stay healthy on the road is to invest in travel wellness programmes and apps and provide access to those on the road. Sanctifly is a great option for frequent travellers. Members get access to leisure, relaxation and fitness facilities worldwide, all within 5 miles of the airport. With Sanctifly, members can spend their layover in the pool or working out at the airport hotel gym or visit one of our 250 lounges and freshen up with a shower before their next flight. Another great digital option is Timeshifter, the jet lag app. Manage jet lag and help your employees stay productive on the road with a Timeshifter subscription.

There are lots of options out there to help travelling employees to Travel Well. Don’t ignore the research, your travelling employees need help to create healthy travel routines today.

This blog was posted by Maeve Power, Digital Marketing & Customer Experience Executive, Sanctifly, who are exhibiting at the Business Travel Show on Feb 26-27. Please register for your free visitor pass at

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