Wednesday 8 February 2017


Mark Harris, Director, Travel Intelligence Network is taking part in a panel at 14:30 on 22 February at the Business Travel ShowStrengthen your relationship with your TMC. For a free visitor pass, please visit

Please sum up your conference session in one sentence.  
Every TMC tries to differentiate itself with mixed results. In our session, we will set out to establish what the foundations of a really strong TMC/client relationship are.

Why is it a must-attend for travel managers? 
To find solutions to a problem that undermines so many relationships.

What is the biggest challenge facing the business travel industry this year and why? 
Balancing the need to personalise travel programmes with controlling costs in an increasingly uncertain economic climate.

And what is the biggest opportunity for travel managers and why?  
The global workforce is becoming increasingly mobile, so travel managers should take a more holistic look and engage with HR to deliver mobility rather than purely travel focused programmes.

Interrupters/sharing economy suppliers – a help or a hindrance?  
Fact of life. They are not going to go away so corporates need to work out whether to embrace them, and if so how.

How will Brexit affect your job?
Depends on the knock-on effect of economic instability upon travel sector marketing budgets.

Why are you looking forward to speaking at/attending the Business Travel Show?
Opportunity to engage with industry professionals, colleagues and friends.

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