Friday 17 February 2017


Shaun Hinds, Managing Director, EMEA & APAC, Bridgestreet is taking part in a panel session at 1000 on Wednesday, 22 February at the Business Travel ShowHow can I get even more out of my accommodation strategy? Register for a free pass now at 

Please sum up your conference session in one sentence.
This session explores taking your accommodation programme beyond the boundaries of the traditional hotel.

Why is it a must-attend for travel managers? 
There is more choice than ever in the accommodation space. Travellers are seeking more flexibility and more diversity in their accommodation choices, buyers are looking for ways to make their budgets go further in a climate of high city centre hotel prices and companies are keen to ensure that safety, quality and their duty of care is not compromised by the overwhelming choice. The session will look for opportunities to balance and blend these different objectives           

What is the biggest challenge facing the business travel industry this year and why? 
Security remains a very high priority. While economic and political uncertainty may present business travel opportunities, it can also lead to contraction as plans and projects may become subject to delays.    

And what is the biggest opportunity for travel managers and why?  
Quality and choice continues to grow. Products which may have seemed radical and
marginal a few years ago are becoming mainstream. Independent providers have upped
their game and there are some world class options emerging in the middle-class price

Interrupters/sharing economy suppliers – a help or a hindrance?
Depends on your point of view. One person’s disruptor is another person’s conventional. The reality is the landscape is changing and the disruptors potentially wield more influence than the traditional players. The challenge though is what an employee may see as normal in their holiday leisure time can present companies with dilemmas around accommodation programme integrity

How will Brexit affect your job?

The extended stay sector was built on, among other things, projects as a mainstay of its customer base. Brexit is the biggest project we are likely to see in a generation and so can only be an opportunity – some reports cite up to 30,000 jobs being required to deliver Brexit. The Chief Brexit officers and their teams will need somewhere to stay.   

Why are you looking forward to speaking at/attending the Business Travel Show?
The show is the preeminent corporate travel event in the UK and Europe.  In the year of
tremendous change it’s more relevant and more important than ever

How can we follow you on Twitter? 
@shaunhinds and @bridgestreetapt


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