Wednesday 20 September 2017


In Conversation With… Elizabeth Anderson, Global Travel Risk Assistant, Inmarsat

Elizabeth is presenting 'Ask the experts: how to implement a risk management programme' at Business Travel Summit Amsterdam, which takes place at the city's RAI from 25-26 September. Book your free place now at

Tell us about your session in one sentence?
It's a good opportunity to get into the practical details of setting up a travel risk plan.

What is the single most important piece of advice/information buyers will take away from your talk?
Identifying the loopholes and joining up the dots to ensure a comprehensive travel risk programme.

What are the top three tips you would give to travel managers/buyers when it comes to implementing a risk travel management programme?
Write your own Travel Safety Policy with the assistance of your security provider to understand the various risks and use this as a guide for your travel safety management. Know who your travellers are - understand the various profiles and types of risks.
Learn effective ways of communicating with your travellers.

Do you think – overall – organisations provide adequate travel risk management? Do you feel some countries are better than others? Why is it so essential right now?
I don't think that companies yet provide fully adequate travel risk management but there is a growing focus on it and while larger companies are often better prepared due to the widespread recognition of risks and availability of resources, smaller and medium sized companies are increasingly aware of the need to have a plan in place but often have less resource. It is particularly important now where the risks at least appear to be growing and it is an opportunity to advise travellers on the various risks surrounding travel. I don't know if certain countries are better than others but those such as the UK, US and Germany as well as Asia-Pac countries are likely the most focused.

What’s the biggest challenge facing buyers now and why?
Getting senior management and colleagues from different departments involved (establishing ownership and types of risks), communicating effectively with travellers as well as understanding the different types of risks that can affect travellers.

What’s the biggest opportunity they should be taking advantage of and why?
Keeping up with publications to constantly review your travel risk programme, using the resources you have and speaking to your security provider regularly. 

Why is it important to have a summit dedicated to buyers in the Nordics and Benelux?
Because of the number of companies based in this area who engage in regular international travel including travel between these countries.

Why are you looking forward to BT Summit Amsterdam?
To meet peers and find out what they are doing.


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