Monday 11 September 2017

Meetings management – can you honestly say that you are achieving this successfully?

Meetings management – can you honestly say that you are achieving this successfully?  Having a general view of what you are spending is nice, but it’s not really managing a part of your travel spend which is no doubt growing higher and higher with little visibility and control. 

We know that TMCs are process and financially challenged by having to deal with meeting requests for venue finding, small number of attendees, etc. and do you really want your bookers spending hours looking for somewhere that doesn’t comply with your policy?  Whoever is involved, we know the process of booking meetings offline is very labour and time consuming.  62% of European companies admit they are not effectively managing this spend, and with 80% as offline bookings, it more than proves that the current process is outdated and disconnected.  The legacy systems are just not coping in today’s more accountable world.

Having a system that is fit for purpose for all users delivering a world class B2C experience for B2B users is where WIZME comes into the solution.  Built on an adaptable platform that can integrate into the corporate, agency and hotel venue systems, with minimum set up fuss and speedy adoption, with practical functionality that drives and reports the right choices, why wouldn’t you want to know more about it?!

So if you think there is room for improvement in your current meetings programme and you’re going to be in Amsterdam at the Business Travel Summit, then please come along and find out more about the WIZME end-to-end system that brings complete transparency, control and order to meetings management. 

Nour Mouakke is founder & CEO of WIZME - you can meet him and hear more about his product at Business Travel Summit Amsterdam from 26-27 September. 

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