Wednesday 13 September 2017

In Conversation With… Xaveer Fluitman, Regional Director Business Travel,

Xaveer is speaking about 'How to be traveller-centric while keeping control' at Business Travel Summit Amsterdam, which takes place 25-26 September at the city's RAI. Book your free place now at 

Session title: 
What does traveller centricity mean to you?
To us at, traveller centricity means choice, flexibility, transparency and ease of use. And that's what we aim to bring as the core of all our solutions for business travellers and travel managers. We believe that booking a business stay should be every bit as smooth and enjoyable as making plans for your next holiday. 

What will it look like in the future?
Business travel is undergoing a transformation inspired by technology, which continues to positively disrupt how we plan, book and stay, whether travelling for leisure or business. The traveller centric future is seamless, personalised and easily adaptable on the go. It's all about removing complexity and opening up additional freedom and choice.

What is the single most important piece of advice you would share with buyers about traveller centricity?
A traveller centric approach that provides optimal flexibility and choice doesn't mean sacrificing oversight or duty of care. With the right platform, tooling and technology, buyers can keep up with travellers' ever-evolving expectations and needs with the confidence that they're making the right choices, all the while maintaining the desired levels of control.

What impact will it have on buyers and travellers?
If you give travellers the personal choice and flexibility they crave, it not only means happier travellers and more productive trips, it also means peace of mind and efficiency for buyers, not to mention more travellers booking their travel within policy. It's all about leveraging the right tooling and finding smart solutions that are tailored to modern business needs and a workforce increasingly on the move.

Why are you looking forward to being part of BT Summit Amsterdam? 
We're really looking forward to being a part of BT Summit Amsterdam, as it's a great opportunity to connect with more of our customers and share ideas with other like-minded companies in the business travel space. We always learn a lot from the discussions that occur and leave inspired with additional ideas to keep innovating and enhancing our product offering further.

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